Rent & Utilities
Rent & Utilities

Rent & Utilities

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Maintaining a School is something we don’t usually think about. We let our kids explore and have fun but that often comes at the cost of our walls and appliances! 

Help us maintain our school so that our kids return every year to a bright and shiny learning space

Gift Towards:
When you shop from our gifting catalogue, your donations are pooled and students receive items every semester or annually!
Art Rocks Us

Kuala Lumpur, 10 Dec 2022- An innovative collaboration between educational non-profit  Fugee, Brand Me Happy agency and Tea Bird Tea, Art Rocks Us is running from 05 January to 02 February 2023 at Menara Ken TTDI. The immersive art experience featuring scintillating artworks by career artists, product designers and talented Fugee School students.

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