Past Projects

2019 was a very exciting year for us. During the year we perfected our working system in community development outlining a methodology that has translated into an enhanced implementation of the Community Self Reliance Programme. Fugee has also supported the implementation of the Community Connectivity Fund Project, channeling funds and establishing synergies between implementers.

Community Self-Reliance Programme

The Community Self Reliance (CSR) Programme established and upscaled initiatives designed and implemented by refugees living in Malaysia.

As an incubator programme implemented by Fugee and funded through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Malaysia, the CSR Programme provided small grants and high level outreach and technical support to create an environment for self-reliant individuals and communities.

Throughout the project, 4 workshops have been delivered by the CSR team to the community groups funded in 2019 in Penang and KL on the following main subjects: proposal development, finance and reporting, project and risk management, fundraising and sustainability.

Fugee designed and implemented a capacity building system based on:

i) short workshops with thematic linked to the specific stage in the implementation of the community project

ii) continuous communication and technical assistance from CSR team, supporting the community groups with using the tools and knowledge acquired during the workshops

iii) additional support provided from mentors and Fugee network and establishment of linkages with stakeholders, markets and other refugee-led entities


Fugee conducted surveys with project leaders and various community members involved in the programme. The aim was to identify improvements in self-confidence, trust and integration – among other impacts – of CSR participants.

95% of respondents stated the project helped them with interacting with local Malaysians, and 73% feel more comfortable in their host communities

108 out of 115 respondents feel they can better contribute to their communities thanks to their involvement in the project

69% of respondents have improved confidence and wellbeing as a result of their involvement in the project

96% of respondents would recommend family members and friends to get involved in a project like this one

Community Connectivity Fund Project

The Community Connectivity Fund Project aims to support the testing and strengthening of innovative initiatives addressing connectivity for the refugee community. Funded by the UNHCR’s Innovation Service, it’s the only project funded in Southeast Asia in 2019 via the Community Connectivity Fund.

The project involved 2 separate initiatives, designed and implemented by Project Stand Up (PSU) and by The Rohingya Project:

A smartphone application that connects refugee individuals, community learning centres, households and communities through a volunteer model engaging young refugees, implemented by the refugee-led Project Stand Up (PSU).

A crypto-token (R-Token or R-Coin) established as a reward point system for refugees who do community work, implemented by The Rohingya Project

The involvement of Fugee made possible the channeling of funds from UNHCR to both implementers and facilitated the collaboration and generation of synergies between them.


2 mobile apps have been developed and are available for the broader public.

13 refugee youth have been successfully trained on gender equality, professional communication, problem solving, how to run the App, how to conduct surveys to measure impact and how to facilitate a workshop to reach out to their communities.

5 NGOs and refugee-led entities have been involved in the implementation of The Rohingya Project initiative, coordinating the delivery of R-tokens and supervising the fulfillment of volunteer work.