Who we are


Our vision

A world in which every individual has the right to quality education and job opportunities to participate in and contribute to all facets of life.

We envision expanding our scope of resources and goals to make sure every person goes to school, gets the training and is granted access to any industry they seek a career in.


Our mission

We champion equality and access by and with refugees to bridge learning gaps and nurture self-reliance to build a truly inclusive society.

Our foundation is rooted in providing and maximizing access to education for refugees in Kuala Lumpur. That’s why we emphasise on the significance of education not in the literal sense of schooling but enterprisal work, capacity-building and vocational training exercises with communities.

By and with refugees is our approach to undo the traditional method of charity-giving to the vulnerable and disadvantaged. We are moving away from the handout-mentality and towards amplifying a mindset of agency and self-reliance. In redefining the rhetoric, Fugee establishes synergies across private and public sectors to make knowledge exchange, resources and skills more convenient.

Fugee has been around for over a decade. Here for the long haul and with the ambition to upscale and expand our presence, our determination to maximize existing resources and tools freely available to us to make the most out for people that are deprived of them. More importantly, spurring people to act effectively for the greater good is what we promise to do at all costs.

the fugee team

The core Fugee team comprises the Executive Director, Programmes Director, Finance Officer and Communications Manager.

Its main responsibilities are: oversee all Fugee-coordinated programmes and projects including Fugee School and Fugeelah; implement and improve strategic organizational plans; manage monitoring and evaluation processes; role model our mission and values; and sustain a culture of inclusion and accountability.

Our Fugee Family

We truly thank the following organizations and individuals for their efforts in shining a light on this critical cause in 2019-2020. Everyone collaborating with Fugee becomes a part of our Fugee family, where we strive to maintain and strengthen our bonds with new members of the family. Through smart partnerships with companies and organizations, we are able to open new doors of opportunities for the community.




2017 – present

  • Training programme for Fugee School teachers.
  • Sessions on sports, videography, photography, art, coding and drama for Fugee School students in secondary, organized by ISKL senior students (ISKL Club programme).



2017 – present

  • Tuition for Fugee School students in secondary, GED course and preparation for IGCSE.


Mental Health & Wellness

2017 – present

  • Workshops on mental health care and emotional development


Mental Health & Wellness

2018 – 2019

  • Expressive Sandwork programme for Fugee School students in primary, addressed to relieve stress


Youth Empowerment

2017 – present

  • Self-empowering and Transition Employability Programme (STEP) for students over 16 years old

Small Changes

Youth Empowerment


  • Aspire to Inspire programme, addressed to career development and cultural appreciation

Latin Women’s Association

Financial Support for Education & Wellness


  • Green living course, educational field trips, sport and physical education for students in kindergarten, primary and foundation

World Vision

Financial Support for Education & Sports

– present

  • Fugee football teams
  • Vocational training programmes

Nadya Hyder

Youth Empowerment & Coaching

2019 – present

  • Students life coach, well-being and youth empowerment workshops and sessions.



Education and Material Support (Fugee School)


  • Educational trips for primary and secondary students
  • Workshop on financial planning
  • Painted some areas of Fugee School


Material Support (Fugee School)


  • Furniture for classroom
  • Buka Puasa for secondary students and teachers


Service Learning & Financial Support (Fugee School)


  • Visit to leprosy center in Kuala Lumpur
  • Financial support

Latin Women’s Association

Financial support for Education and wellness


  • Green living course, educational field trips, sport and physical education for students in kindergarten, primary and foundation

Flexis Solutions Sdn Bhd


Dancestep Studios Sdn


Special thanks to

UNHCR Malaysia has been a key partner in the coordination of CERTE Bridge Course and in our activities to improve access to tertiary education for the refugee community.
Since 2018, UNHCR Malaysia has partnered with Fugee in the field of livelihoods and self-reliance, assigning our organization the implementation of the Social Protection Fund programme (SPF) in 2018 and the Community Self Reliance programme (CSR) in 2019.

HOST International and PSHTC have been meaningful contributors to the successful implementation of the CSR program in 2019, with the provision of a full time Project Officer (the CandleLight volunteer) to the project team during a semester, and the support to the community workers and the refugee-led projects funded via CSR in Penang.