Established in 2009

Fugee School - You're IN not OUT

Fugee School is the heart of the organisation, and was established in 2009 to ensure no child would be left out of school due to their refugee status. What started as tuition for 4 Somali siblings has grown in scope and size. 14 years later, Fugee School is committed to creating education pathways for all refugee students, at any age and stage of their education journey. Schools play a vital role supporting children through displacement by assembling the building blocks that help them overcome trauma, feel safe again and restart their education. We have educated over 600+ students, ages 4-18 and our current admission is 170 students. Success at Fugee School, is every child given the opportunity and support to reach their full potential and build dignified lives.

The Education Approach

Fugee School provides education from Kindergarten to Grade 9.

We offer a holistic and competitive curriculum tailored to the needs of the refugee student taking into account the impact of forced displacement. The focus is on a 3 part holistic learning approach of social and emotional development, applicable academic knowledge and supporting students in times of crisis.

As the education journey of a refugee child is disrupted, their education levels are affected. Our learner centered approach ensures transition readiness at any stage- so at any point of resettlement students are able to assimilate well academically and socially and be able to take advantage of further opportunities, ultimately cultivating creative, compassionate and critical, future thinking individuals.

Fugee School's core values are embedded in all classes, programmes and teacher trainings. We hope these shared values cultivate more compassionate global citizens.

The focus is a 3 part holistic learning approach, designed to develop all aspects of each student with opportunities in and outside of the classroom, empowering them to reach their full potential.

A Child is at the Centre of Everything We Do

Education: Kindergarten to Grade 9

Blending syllabuses from UK and Singapore- English, Math and Science are the core of our curriculum. With our partners, Amala & Accelerate, our students develop their transferable skills. Upon completion of Grade 9, our students are encouraged to sit General Education Development (GED) tests to receive official secondary qualifications.

Social and Emotional Development

We focus on a healthy mind and living with programs such as physical education, sports, yoga, and mental health workshops. With hands-on lessons in our school garden and off-site field trips, our students understand enviromental sustainability. To instil leadership, our Grade 9ers run weekly activities with their younger peers as part of the Homeroom Doers project.

Support: Strengthen Community Relations

Over the years, Fugee has established ourselves well within the community in the locality of our school. We provide food aid to families, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team also does our best to assist with medical emergencies and aftercare support. Most notably, we provide educational scholarships to families in financial need to ensure no child is left behind.

Help us build the Fugee Dream School 

The Dream School is a goal we have set for ourselves to build a bigger, brighter, and safe learning environment for our students. We aim to redesign our curriculum into a blended learning model to increase our student capacity. This involves teacher training and digitizing school systems for smoother operations. Our focus is on improving the pedagogical approach to enhance our kids' cognitive and social development. Every child must feel safe, excited and motivated to come to school everyday. 

with Partners


A nonprofit organisation based in the UK with the acknowledgment from UWCSEA. Amala implemented a virtual training program in Social Entrepreneurship and Ethical Leadership for secondary students.

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One of our long standing partners, ISKL has set up a Fugee Club at their school to drive social impact. They have provided the opportunity for our students to interact with peers from over 65 countries (including Malaysia) and learn from their diverse cultures. Additionally, Fugee students learned coding, art, videography and practised sports.

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Accelerate Global

A social enterprise based in Malaysia, provides classes to Fugee students to develop their understanding and thinking of being entrepreneurs and financial value creators within their hobbies and interests, even with a zero capital business model.

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Education has been the greatest gift I have ever received. Thank you Fugee School.



Fugee School is a place that changes lives and has given me plenty of opportunities in life.



Fugee has opened doors to hundreds of students over the years. They have truly made education accessible for all.



I am truly grateful to have been able be educated with such amazing teachers.



Our Amazing Team

Teachers the backbone of society

Digital Transformation

Due to the pandemic, Fugee School adapted to a hybrid learning model. We have introduced digital tools into our lesson plans and provided our teachers with training. Our students learn with smartboards and laptops increasing their engagement. 

Our Teachers

The 14 teachers at Fugee School are from various backgrounds, some are refugees themselves. As the backbone of our school, they are also changemakers and follow a unique pedagogy to best serve the refugee students. We provide yearly training to boost their professional development.

Volunteering with Us

We often get asked "how do we volunteer at Fugee School?". There are many opportunities to lend us a helping hand throughout the year. If you're interested or have a specific program or event in mind for our students and teachers alike, email: comms@fugee.org